Soledad Ordeix is a Uruguayan fashion designer, stylist, with extensive experience creating and designing outfits for television programs, shows, advertising, magazines, and the fashion industry. 

Her portfolio includes notable works on prominent international television formats such as The Voice Kids, The Voice Uruguay, and Got Talent Uruguay, which is a testament to her incredible skill and passion for creativity. Her experience collaborating with renowned celebrities from Uruguay and Argentina shows her ability to create outfits that suit any personality.

Additionally, her work as a stylist in different commercials and advertisements for TV, social media, fashion films, music videos, events and magazines showcases her versatility in handling various styling projects. 

As a fashion designer and entrepreneur, she has also made a mark in corporate uniform design. She has developed corporate uniforms for notable companies such as the LÁuberge Hotel in Punta del Este. This demonstrates her ability to create cohesive and professional looks that align with each company’s brand identity and values.

Furthermore, Soledad has established her own clothing brand called MASORDEIX, which specializes in handcrafted pieces made locally in Uruguay. This dedication to local production highlights her commitment to craftsmanship and supporting local artisans. By combining design with comfort and paying attention to every detail in the process of making the clothes, she ensures that her brand delivers high-quality and thoughtfully designed pieces.

In addition she also runs TRAMA VESTUARISMOS, a small business where she and her partner offer styling services. Their aim is to help individuals achieve their style goals, improve and update their wardrobes, and most importantly, promote the importance of feeling comfortable and confident in one’s personal style. Through workshops, they empower clients to celebrate their natural beauty and essence through self-styling. They provide valuable recommendations on how to combine clothes, use accessories, and make the act of clothing a fun and enjoyable experience.

She has a deep appreciation for the art of styling and fashion. And strongly believes that clothing is a reflection of one’s personality and advocates for authenticity and individual style. By recognizing fashion and garments as powerful means of cultural, social, and artistic expression, she encourages individuals to embrace their unique style and fully express themselves through fashion.