Handcrafted Style from Uruguay

MASORDEIX is an Uruguayan clothing brand dedicated to custom production, thought, and handmade locally. Founded in 2022 by designer María Soledad Ordeix, MASORDEIX specializes in unique, custom-made pieces, emphasizing comfort and attention to detail that goes into each piece that makes them unmistakable.

Using locally sourced materials, MASORDEIX stands out for its dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical production. The brand is recognized for its authenticity, soft and relaxed silhouettes that celebrate comfort and individual style, bringing to life the aesthetics of each wearer.

Created in Uruguay and committed to local production, it proudly supports local artisans, inspiring others to collaborate with them and recognize the value of Uruguayan labor.
It focuses on creating timeless and versatile pieces that transition effortlessly between closet basics and stylish creations. 

The brand also prides itself on offering personalized customer service and attention creating an exceptional experience. All customer orders will be handled with the utmost care and attention, from the initial order to the packing and shipping process.
There is no doubt that MASORDEIX is a brand to be reckoned with. With their elegant handmade pieces and dedication to ethical item production, you can be sure you will be dressed in a unique piece with a story to tell. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for the latest news and updates.