Soledad Ordeix is a Uruguayan fashion designer, stylist, with extensive experience creating and designing outfits for television programs, shows, advertising, magazines, and the fashion industry. 

Her portfolio includes notable works on prominent international television formats such as The Voice Kids, The Voice Uruguay, and Got Talent Uruguay, which is a testament to her incredible skill and passion for creativity. Her experience collaborating with renowned celebrities from Uruguay and Argentina shows her ability to create outfits that suit any personality.



As a trusted fashion designer and stylist, Soledad Ordeix offers a wide range of packages and services for each set of clients, customizing each approach to the individual needs and goals of the customer with a creative eye and an aspirational aesthetic. 

Whether it’s a personal client, a celebrity, or a company needed of styling for advertising, editorial, or consulting purposes, Soledad’s services intend to meet their specific needs with a signature fusion of effortless elegance and aspirational sophistication. Emphasizing taste, quality, and authenticity as the foundation of her work, Soledad guarantees to provide you with an experience tailored to reach your purpose while staying true to her unique vision.