Trama Vestuarismos

TRAMA VESTUARISMOS offers a unique experience to develop a sense of personal style.
A company created jointly by two ambitious entrepreneurs, Valentina Tucci and Soledad Ordeix, where their styling services go beyond adding the latest trends to closets: their process helps people define and develop their style thoughtfully and creatively.

Their strategies consist of developing a style profile of each individual to determine the garments that best enhance their identity. Just as important as finding the right clothes is learning how to combine them to create complete looks that reflect one’s identity. The team teaches clients how to mix and match colors, textures, and garments in fun and creative ways so they can feel confident and express themselves through their clothes.

In addition to their styling services, they offer workshops and talks ranging from fashion styling, body positivity, diversity, self-acceptance, self-care, finding your style, and master classes on becoming a TV stylist. They focus on creating a genuine connection with their clients, creating an enriching and inspiring environment for people to achieve their ideal style. TRAMA VESTUARISMOS knows how to turn the styling process into an enjoyable and stimulating experience. Its services help people feel connected to their clothes and reinforce their confidence in the outcome.